A Small Post-Holidays Treat

Have you recovered from the post-new years bash yet? Getting back down to the grind? I feel your pain. So I found a little sumthin’, sumthin’ for ya.  
One of the best things about the end of the year is all the parties where you get together with friends, family and co-workers and be merry. The other part of it is going through the pictures a week later and regretting those last four drinks you had at that party. Bad life decisions. Naturally, it�s no different in the JAV business. If you’ve got spyera spyphone reviews the right photos to choose from, it can look absolutely awesome… So with that, I present to you:
Rouge Allier event! 
Maki Hojo, Misa Yuuki, Azusa Kirihara, Yuu Kawakami, Reiko Murakami!! All together! Kyahh! And is that Megumi Shino I spy, next to Peter Pan? Also other familiar faces and one very confused man–yes! Throw that victory sign up!
(Note: is apparently some joint project by top actresses Maki Hojo, Reiko Nakamori, Shinobu Igarashi, and Ryoko Murakami to organize their own AV events. Don’t know much about it, but sounds interesting, huh?)
If you thought that was good, hold your breath. I’m not kidding, do it.
Ready? Here we go:
The Madonna Year-End Party
Misa Yuuki, Yuu Kawakami, Yumi Kazama, Maki Hojo.
Feast your eyes. All your favorite, smoking hot mature actresses in one room.  
Not to mention cutie-hottie Nana Aida–top row, second to left.
Am I dreaming?
More goodness:
Again, again! This time with more girls and a glitter boy. Check out the food and the walls! Swanky! 
And some more girls: Sarina Takeuchi, Mirei Yokoyama, Maya Sawamura of the ones I can recognize. How good do our girls look? I wanna lick each and every one of those glowing, bare shoulders!
Ahh, I f**kin� love the holidays. Miss you, come back.

*** Update! More pics! ***


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