Awesome Freshness: Sushma Reddy in Limca’s New Ad

Summer is here. And cola companies are jumping on television with their new set of Advertisements. But this particular ad is just so beautiful, I couldn’t resist to share with you all. Actually the ad is about a year old but these days, its full version is on TV.

Limca-Fresh Ho jao…an ad featuring Beautiful Sushma Reddy and Niketan. With a really sweet song. Lovely visuals and great singing. The song is sung by Cara Lisa Monteiro of Phir Dekhiye [Rock On] fame. I was confused once, cause she sounds so much like Hema Sardesai. Thanks to THIS blog, I got much info about the ad. [great blog about ads] You can download mp3 of the song from that blog.

Here is the beautiful video. The water splashes…and Sushma Reddy….Enjoy.

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