Kusumi Koharu meets Miracle Hikaru and…Michael Jackson?

Ex-Morning Musume member Kusumi Koharu recently posted several pictures on her blog of herself posing with members of the popular children’s show PIRAMEKINO, along with a few surprise guests.
Kusumi had been spending the day with Furupon and Hanya-san of Fruits Punch, so she made sure to snap a few pictures of her meeting. The ex-idol can be seen posing alongside the comedy duo (which features regularly on PIRAMEKINO), a Michael Jackson imitator, and Miracle Hikaru, who is well-known for her impressions of singer-songwriter Utada Hikaru.
Fans commented, “I’m looking forward to this broadcast,” “It’s full of lookalikes!” and “Those poses are so funny.”
Check out her photos below!
Source: Kusumi Koharu’s Official Blog
Credits: tokyohive

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