My latest comic is also the one I’m proudest of so far…

A fucked up postcolonial love story. A heartfelt salute to celebrity and country. Sad “Terry and the Pirates” comics. MY DATE WITH ANNE HATHAWAY is a dreamlike, genre-hopping graphic novelette, mixing the spectacle of Hollywood movies with the candyfloss sheen of Jim Steranko romance comics and the suicidal vigor of Roy Crane’s colonialist adventures to produce a statement both achingly nostalgic and brutally of-the-moment. The most assured and entertaining Very Fine Comix release to date, MY DATE WITH ANNE HATHAWAY reviews the American way of life in a voice by turns loving and scathing, but never less than utterly passionate.

20 pages | Full color | 8.5″x5.5″ | $3.99 | BUY IT HERE!

Ist ja nicht so, dass die unkündbarkeit nicht ein geldwerter vorteil wäre, der interessanterweise keinen einfluss auf die höhe ghostwriting eines tarifgehaltes hat

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