Nankyoku Tairiku

Title: 南極大陸~神の領域に挑んだ男と犬の物語~

Title (romaji): Nankyoku Tairiku ~Kami no Ryouiki ni Idomunda Otoko to Inu no Monogatari~

Title (English): Antarctica ~The Story of Dogs and Men Who Challenged the Field of God~

Genre: Drama, Adventure

Episodes: 10

Avg rating: 17.33%
Broadcast network: TBS

Broadcast period: 2011-Oct-16 to 2011-Dec-18

Air time: Sunday 9:00 p.m

Theme song: Arano yori by Nakajima Miyuki
Original story: Based on a true story of Japan’s first expedition to Antarctica in 1958
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A drama commemorating TBS’s 60th anniversary, the story is about 11
members who were sent to the South Pole for the first time in February
1957 in a national project to explore Antarctica. They were accompanied
by a dogsled of 19 Sakhalin dogs. When they left for Japan a year later,
they were forced to leave the dogs behind due to the bad weather. In
January 1959, Kuramochi Takeshi and some others joined a third
expedition to ascertain the fate of the dogs Taro and Jiro. (source: DramaWikiJdrama Weblog)

Kimura Takuya as Kuramochi Takeshi

Ayase Haruka as Takaoka Miyuki

Sakai Masato as Himura Haruhiko

Yamamoto Yusuke as Inuzuka Natsuo

Yoshizawa Hisashi as Yokomine Shinkichi

Okada Yoshinori as Funaki Ikuzo

Shiga Kotaro as Tani Kennosuke

Kawamura Yosuke as Arashiyama Hajime

Doronzu Ishimoto (ドロンズ石本) as Yamazato Manpei

Shibata Kyohei as Shirosaki Suguru

Kimura Tae as Furutachi Ayako

Ashida Mana as Furutachi Haruka

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