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Ikuko Tsukino, Jumeau, Juuban Art Museam, Juuban Municipal Primary School, Kenji Tsukino, Mika Kayama, Nephrite, Shingo Tsukino, Yoshiko Kayama

In the Dark Kingdom’s lair, Queen Beryl asks Nephrite how things are going with the sailor senshi. Zoisite interrupts and says that because Nephrite is having such a hard time, he would be more than happy to help: the operation would be much better with two working on it instead of one. Queen Beryl thinks that this is a good idea, but Nephrite refuses, saying that he is working for himself, not the queen. Of course, this greatly angers Queen Beryl. Just as Zoisite planned, Queen Beryl begins to lose confidence in Nephrite.

At the Tsukino household, the family sits together to have breakfast. Kenji remarks that Usagi is up early, and tells Shingo that his friend Mika won a French doll contest. Ikuko remarks that Mika’s mother is also a famous doll maker. Usagi teases her brother about his relationship with the girl, asking, “How do you feel about having a celebrity for a girlfriend?” He blushes and leaves, telling Usagi that she is going to be late… despite having woken up early. She looks at her watch and realizes that he’s right! When she gets to school late, she has to stand in the hall.

Later, when she is walking home from school with her friend Naru, Naru says that it is amazing how Usagi is late every day. Two young girls approach them and tell Usagi that Shingo is very mean! They tell her that at school that morning, Mika gave Shingo the doll that she won in the doll making contest because he was always there for her when she needed to talk. Other classmates began to tease him about his relationship with the girl, so he refused the gift. When he shoved it back in her direction, it accidentally fell to the floor and shattered. Both Mika and Shingo were upset, although Shingo pretended not to care. The two girls tell Usagi that he didn’t even apologize! Usagi is upset, and Naru tells her that as Shingo’s older sister, she should have a word with him. She says that she’ll make Shingo apologize.

Meanwhile, Mika sits alone in her bedroom in the dark, carefully making dolls. Her mother comes in and asks her why she has the curtains closed, and she says that she can concentrate better that way. Her mother remarks that the doll Mika is making looks like she is about to cry, and wants to compare it to the doll that won the contest. Mika says that she doesn’t have it… she is letting someone borrow it for a while. Mika’s mother appears worried, but leaves, asking to the doll when it is returned. Mika opens a nearby drawer containing her shattered doll and begins to cry.

In his large mansion deep in the forest, Nephrite consults the stars to determine that his target will be Mika Kayama, who will be influenced by the power of the Orpheus.

Shingo sits in his bedroom, attempting to write a letter of apology to Mika. Unfortunately, he keeps getting frustrated and tearing up the notes. Usagi suddenly knocks on his door, and he pretends to be studying. She comes in and hits him on the head, demanding that he apologize to Mika… or else she’ll tell their parents. He agrees to go to Mika’s house to apologize.

Shingo goes to Mika’s house, but when he arrives, a red sports car is also pulling up. Nephrite, disguised as Masato Sanjoin, steps out of the car and rings the doorbell, telling Mika’s mother that he is the one with whom she spoke on the phone earlier. Shingo decides to leave and come back when the Kayama family does not have a guest.

Inside the Kayama home, Nephrite tells Mika and her mother that he thought only the famous French doll maker Pierre Jumeau could make such exquisite dolls, but he has changed his mind after seeing Mika’s mothers dolls. He asks to see the doll that Mika made for the contest, but instead, Mika shows him the doll with the sad expression that she is currently working on. When he picks up the doll, he secretly places his evil crest on it, causing it to become possessed by the youma Jumeau and increase Mika’s energy output. Nephrite then asks Mika to make ten more dolls exactly like the one he is holding, because he says they sell out very quickly. Her mother says invites him to a special exhibition on Saturday where the girl’s work ill be featured.

Mika finishes her next doll very quickly, telling her mother, “It’s strange, but suddenly I feel so motivated! Now I have to make the second one.” Mika’s mother suggests that she go to bed and rest for school the next day, but the girl mechanically says that she is fine. Her mother attempts to clean up the dolls, but Mika knocks her to the floor and tells her to shut up! Meanwhile, Nephrite’s crest glows on the forehead of the doll she has just made, and its expression changes to something much more sinister.

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Mika sits in her room, furiously making dolls. Outside her house, Shingo has come to visit, but Mika’s mother tells him that Mika has been making dolls since the day before with no sleep. She is very worried, and Shingo suggests that he will talk to her. When they go to knock on Mika’s bedroom door, she tells them to go away. Inside, the doll is causing Mika to reach her peak energy very quickly.

Back at the Tsukino residence, Shingo sits in his room wondering if Mika is still mad at him. Usagi brings him a cold drink and says, “As a caring sister, I can’t ignore my kid brother when he’s upset.” He tells his sister everything that happened, and wonders if he hurt Mika’s feelings that badly. Usagi tells him to cheer up, and says that he should take Mika a present the next time he sees her.

In Usagi’s bedroom, Usagi tells Luna that although she told Shingo to cheer up, she is still worried about Mika’s strange behavior. Luna tells her that she’s being exceptionally sharp today, and Usagi tells her that when it comes to her kid brother, she does everything she can. Besides, cursed dolls sound interesting! Luna thinks that it may have something to do with the Dark Kingdom, and that they should keep an eye on Mika.

Usagi, Luna, and Ami go to the location of Mika’s mother’s doll exhibition to investigate. They don’t see anything unusual, but Usagi says that Shingo told her that Mika hasn’t been coming to school lately. They decide to return the next day for the doll exhibition.

Meanwhile, Shingo walks past a Sailor V poster on a storefront window and remembers that Mika likes Sailor Moon. He decides to make her a Sailor Moon doll from clay. He makes it at home, but Usagi mistakenly thinks that it is a pig! Shingo corrects her, but she says the real Sailor Moon would cry if she saw it. He tells her that it’s the thought that counts.

The doll exhibition begins at the Juuban Art Museum, and Rei and Mamoru go there on a date. Mika’s mother, Yoshiko, is already there, and so is Nephrite, who is disguised as Masato Sanjoin. Mika is in a back room, making her final doll. Her features have changed to resemble those of the evil dolls.

Ami attends the exhibition as well, hiding Luna in a wicker basket. They spot Rei, who is talking to Mamoru about the dolls. He admits that he isn’t really interested in the dolls, so Rei suggests that they leave. As they head for the door, Mamoru walks directly past Nephrite, who seems to recognize him somehow. Nephrite says, “Excuse me, I seem to have mistaken you for someone else.”

Meanwhile, Usagi and Shingo approach Mika’s mother, who tells them where they can find the girl. Just as they enter the room, Mika finishes her final doll and reaches her peak energy level. The youma Jumeau emerges from the doll and promptly begins to drain Mika’s energy. Shingo rushes forward towards his friend, but the youma knocks him against a wall. Jumeau then steps on the Sailor Moon doll, crushing it. Because Shingo is unconscious, Usagi takes the opportunity to transform into Sailor Moon and challenge the youma.

A doll with very sharp teeth flies towards Sailor Moon, but she manages to dodge it. She leaps through a nearby window, and Jumeau comes crashing through after her. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars soon appear, and Sailor Mercury uses her Sabão Spray attack to fill the air with bubbles and confuse the youma. Two dolls fly towards the three girls, but Sailor Mars uses her Akuryou Taisan attack to incapacitate them. Meanwhile, Jumeau finds Sailor Moon and begins to strangle her as Mercury’s bubbles fade. Sailor Mars uses Fire Soul to attack the youma and destroy her arms, but she is able to regenerate them immediately and fire them at the senshi. She is able to the same with her legs.

Sailor Mercury uses her visor to detect the youma’s weak spot, which is located near her right foot. Sailor Moon tries to attack, but Jumeau’s detached hands are sill strangling her, and she is unable to call out the name of her attack. Fortunately, Tuxedo Kamen arrives just in time. He throws a rose at Jumeau, breaking her concentration and causing her limbs (including the ones strangling Sailor Moon) to reattach themselves to her body. Once she is free, Sailor Moon uses her Moon Tiara Action attack to hit the youma’s weak spot and destroy her.

Mika’s energy is immediately returned to her, and she wakes up to find that Shingo is unconscious nearby. He wakes up, and Sailor Moon appears in the window, hidden by the billowing curtains. She says that she punished the evil youma, and wishes them both the best of luck.

Shingo soon notices that the Sailor Moon doll he made for Mika has been crushed. He apologizes for breaking her doll, and she says that it is ok because he came to her rescue.

Later, at school, Mika presents Shingo with a Sailor Moon doll she made for him. He loves it, but she gets the wrong idea and thinks that he likes Sailor Moon in a romantic way. He says, “It’s nt easy being a popular guy!”

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